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When the site is created, hosted on server and updatable with FTP, you have to consider to manage it. Otherwise it would still static and loose the incredible feature of the Internet wich is the possiblity of almost permanent updates. It is called Site Maintenance.

Our  Deb Maintenance service includes :

  • the domain name bookings,
  • the hosting costs,
  • the access costs,
  • the fee for the electronic address(es) (e-mail) set up
  • the setup and operating costs of the website like : back up, firewall, Script and DB, …
  • and a fixed-price contract for site and pages updates hosted on our 'DebHousting' server or in highly secured environment 'DebHousing'.

According to the choosen service type, the recursive costs are validly indentifiable on our pages  "access" et "hosting".

The site update costs are invoiced 57,02 EUR/Hour or deducted from the 1.239,47 EUR  fixed-price contract for thirty hours of maintenance.

For those of you who wish it, we'll be able to think of a personalized fixed-price contract function of your needs, site, and the maintenance kind. Contact Us : send an e-mail to or make a call to +32 (0)69 77 70 46(phone/fax ) or +32 (0)69 78 06 74 (ISDN line).

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