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Real phenomenon of our era, the electronic commerce generates many discussions, forums, press articles, law projects, conversations topic, advertising & marketing strikes, legal problems, and worries easily upset persons sick, ...

Undeniably the center of the Internet commerce problematic is that law elements are the most tricky. The international telebusiness rules aren't adaptated enough to the incredible development of the Internet commerce. If the United Sates suppliers introduce themselves as emeritus it's because of the fact that they ignore the VAT. Our european countries can't think the same and with the serenity of accross the Atlantic surfers. In Europe especially in Belgium the VAT on consumer products is a goldmine that they can't do without not even imagine to partially loose the revenue linked. There is the obligation of finding answers to the Net sales problematic.

Having said that, for the professionals i.e. the business-to-business, this problem is less because the VAT due by the supplier is refundable from liable to VAT clients. Because of that we are able to serenely propose to work on your international business-to-business electronic commerce, and on national commerce because you can easily invoice using the suitable VAT type.

Then, without hesitation, all of us must do ELECTRONIC COMMERCE. Especially because the 'Région Wallonne' is favoring the companies wich set up professional sites with electronic commerce. Possibility of subsidies, for the site creation and hosting, from 'Région Wallonne' (AWEX and E-Commerce) : from BEF 100.000 you get 50% subsidies.

Our consulting department is at your disposal to analyze with you the possibilities and the possible development you can expect from your site, and can assist you, at your request, in the subsidy demand for electronic commerce applied in writing to 'Région Wallonne'.

E-commerce is the undeniable trade future, and soon, there will be no getting away from it. Be among those who adher to this wonderful evolution before it is too late to remarked and remarkable.

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