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INTERNET became in a few years the most evolutive and the most opened universal datacommunications method for all kinds of professionals (self-employed, commercials, liberal professions, trading or non-trading companies, associations, institutions) and for research workers, students, personals, all kinds of workers. As soon as you have an internet access it is possible:
  • to look for a job via the job offers, to upload a virtual curriculum vitae or to make services propositions, …
  • to find informations on all topics : culture, hobbies, sports, professions, health care, fundamental researches, organisations, schools, …
  • to get in touch with the suppliers, customers, partners, friends, prospects, institutions, administrations, …
  • to send and receive electronic mails (e-mails)  : it's one of the most extraordinary thing in worldwide communications evolution.
  • to make purchases and sales from your computer without moving and to benefit of large shop windows showing everything that interests you

To connect to the Internet, you need to have an access delivered by a "provider". To "surf" on the web or to manage a website, this access is absolutely required.

Several possibilities are available to fit the users utilization. In general we distinguish two surfers categories: professionals who need an unlimited use and those who have more limited needs and less time due to their professional activities. It lets anyone choose the type of subscription that suits him.

Our partner (Win SA) offers a free internet access to personnals with an e-mail like this Are you interested? Contact us at This kind of access might be slower during the peak hours.

For those of you who need an optimum access, we offer a solution matching to your needs.


Access : from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. on weekdays, on Wednesday after twelve o'clock, all day long on weekend and legal holydays.

38,82 EUR TVAex/year

This off-peak hours subscription is meant for personals and students wishing to surf at low costs and for professionals who can limit their access to the low-intensity periods (off-peak hours)(Win).

46,98 EUR

1 e-mail with the structure  :



Unlimited Access 24 hours a day.

102,43 EUR TVAex/year

For the professionals who need a non-limited access. The accessiblity and the transmission speed are predominant elements that are in our favor. These elements have been put in place with the help of the new technologies (Bipweb).

123,95 EUR

No matter your connection type : analogue, ISDN, or even ADSL, we have a good solution wich guarantees a performant access.

BIP contract

1  e-mail with the structure  :


Of course, in case of site hosting, the access is included in the hosting price, with many e-mails according to the hosting option choosen.
  General conditions of the Internet access contract
The subscription to the Internet Access is governed by the remote sales rules. You have 7 days to renounce to your commitment.

The contract is nonetheless effective at the payment receipt and covers a period of one year,  indivisible, renewable without formality. An extension bill is sent at every annual expiry date. During eight days after the receipt of this bill, the contract renewal is effective and the bill is payable in cash. To notify the non renewal, all you have to do is resend the extension bill within a week, mentionning your renouncement and signing for authentification of the decision. For the companies, the signatory function is required to guarantee the non renewal legitimacy.

In case of nonpayment of a signed and authentificated contract, it can be originated in a recovery in any legal way.  In case of litigation, only the Tournai tribunals, in first jurisdiction, are competent.


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